Brit Rock Film Tour 2021

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The Brit Rock Film Tour is back for 2021 with a stunning lineup of 4 films representing the best of UK climbing and adventure stories.

E11 Lexicon
Accomplished all-round climber Neil Gresham seems to be the fine wine of UK climbing; at 50 he realises his hardest traditional project Lexicon. Strap in for the ride in a film that packs a classic cocktail of big lobs, hard climbing and the moment of truth as Neil completes ‘the climb of his life’.

Great Sheikhs
Join Britain’s top adventure climber Leo Houlding on an exploratory climbing mission to the unclimbed desert towers of Saudi Arabia, in the outstanding Wadi Al Disah region.

Kjerag Solo
A climber that needs no introduction: Pete Whittaker, renowned for his world class crack climbing and roped solo ascents. In this film we see Pete take a new direction with a free solo ascent of the imposing Kjerag (1082m) big wall in Norway.

Fall Theory
Franco Cookson burst onto the climbing scene over 10 years ago and has been leaving an indelible mark ever since. This film follows the notorious Franco on his latest journey to climb a hard line where the weight of previous successes hangs heavily on Franco’s mind, that and the laughable protection combined with moves he can’t yet do.

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