Caledonian Rewilding - Lessons for the World?

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Few know more about the Caledonian Forest than Alan Watson Featherstone. Founder of the award-winning charity, Trees for Life, he has inspired thousands of people to work to expand and cherish the ancient woods in Glen Affric, Dundreggan and beyond. Millions of trees and their seedlings have benefitted, with some Highland forests becoming global symbols of ecological restoration and rewilding.

Now an independent ecologist, photographer and much-acclaimed speaker, Alan will draw on more than 30 years of practical experience in this beautifully illustrated presentation. By highlighting key elements of a successful rewilding project and the restoration principles that support it, he’ll show how the Caledonian Forest can give global inspiration.

At a time of environmental crisis, there’s an urgent need across the planet for restoration and rewilding of ecosystems degraded by human action, he says: “Experience gained in Scotland can be used to help recovery of natural forests and other ecosystems far beyond, as part of the first shared task of all humanity – Restoring the Earth.”

Come and be inspired by an eco-visonary.

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