Dathan + Damien O'Kane & Ron Block

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Damien O'Kane & Ron Block

Widely regarded as two of the greatest exponents of the Banjo, Damien O'Kane & Ron Block have collaborated to create arguably their own genre, something never heard before!. Jerry Douglas Coleraine’s Damien O’Kane and California’s Ron Block spectacular union of transatlantic cultures, melds two different styles and approaches to the banjo to captivating effect. Every note is precise and in exactly the right place, rising and falling with ‘question and answer’ picking and plucking, the light perfectly balanced by the shade – the musicians demonstrate high level connectivity and empathy.


Dathan (Gaelic for "Colours") are a three piece band hailing from throughout the Highlands and Islands with a shared passion for the traditional music in song embedded wit thin Scottish and Gaelic culture, performing a wide range of Traditional Music and Gaelic & Scots songs. Between the three of them they play a wide range of instruments, including Fiddle, Whistle, Accordion, Piano and Guitar.

Damien O'Kane & Ron Block

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