Faith Healer

  • Drama

Faith Healer

by Brian Friel

“I caught the finger between the palms of my hands and held it there and looked into his face. Already he was uneasy – he wanted to withdraw his challenge.”

Starring: George Costigan (Gentleman Jack, Line of Duty, Happy Valley, Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Shirley Valentine); Richard Standing (Coronation Street, Holby City, Silent Witness, Doctors); and Kirsty Stuart (Shetland, Outlander, The Duchess of Malfi, Lyceum Edinburgh and Citizens Glasgow).

Travelling to the small towns and remote village halls scattered throughout Scotland and Wales, the Fantastic Francis Hardy, together with his indefatigably loyal wife, Grace, and their born-into-show-business manager, Teddy, promise healing to the hopeless and restoration for the sick and suffering.

Each of their stories in turn sheds shifting shards of light on the events that have lead them to who they are. Only one thing is certain however, Faith Healer Francis is at the mercy of his ‘unreliable’ gift. So where does truth lie? Showman? Con-man? Villain? Victim?

A haunting exploration of love, loss, belief and sacrifice, Faith Healer is often funny, passionate and tender. It will take you to the heart of what it means to love, struggle and believe.

Brian Friel is one of Ireland’s greatest playwrights. Author of Translations,Dancing At Lughnasa and Philadelphia, Here I Come, Faith Healer is considered his masterpiece.

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