Houdini's Greatest Escape

New Old Friends in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Drama

Don’t miss this laugh out loud adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat at death defying escapes, gasping as you witness incredible feats of magic and laughing out loud at some of the funniest (and let’s be honest, weirdest) characters you’ll see on stage this year, as New Old Friends pull off their greatest stunt yet in Houdini’s Greatest Escape.

Harry Houdini is the world’s greatest entertainer. Just as his death-defying escapology stunts have him, and his wife Bess, on the cusp of world-wide fame he is framed for murder by a gang of criminals in cahoots with the chief of police.

Can Harry and Bess escape the plot and clear their names? And just how is their rival, Agatha The Superstar Spiritualist medium, involved?

All will be revealed in this hilarious 39 Steps-esque thriller, played out in New Old Friends’ (Crimes on Centre Court) inimitable, award-winning style of physical comedy, sparkling wit and just a touch of chaos.

Laugh out loud, crazy, chaotic, anarchic, slapstick… a side splitting 5 out of 5 stars. Great fun!

5 Stars

What's Good To Do

Inventive, captivating and enthralling, this is a show not to be missed… a truly exceptional piece of entertainment

5 Stars

Fairypowered Productions

Lots of laughs... impressive

West End Best Friend

Had the entire audience practically rolling in the aisles

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