It's Your Round

  • Comedy
  • Drama

Join quiz Mistress and pub landlady Pat Pinch as she takes over your local with live music, prizes, audience participation and of course a few drinks.

Test your team with rounds such as:

- How local are you? So down with your town you can almost taste it…?

- Jumping Juke Box! Movie and music rounds - with a difference.

- Plus general knowledge, photo and bonus rounds!

Whether you're a liver-bashing barfly, or a strict abstainer, a quiz mastermind, or an absolute beginner, Pat is waiting to treat you to six of the best pub quiz rounds ever!

These spoof shows are much harder than they look… this easy going show is daft, enjoyable and fun

The Scotsman

Scary Little Girls… stars of rural touring!

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

With this striking production Scary Little Girls very nearly achieve sublimity.

Time Out

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