Journey to a Mother's Room

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Catalan Film Festival

Celia Rico’s deeply personal debut feature is an affecting tale about a daughter who craves change, and a mother who fears it. Does it sound familiar?

An intimate yet funny portrait of a close mother-daughter bond unexpectedly transformed when one moves away.

Since the death of her father, Estrella (interpreted by Almodovar’s regular Lola Dueñas) and her daughter Leonor (Anna Castillo) have wrapped themselves in a cocoon of uneventful, pedestrian comfort. When Leonor breaks free and leaves home to work as an au pair in London, Estrella is faced with an empty nest for the first time. Unexpectedly, Estrella soon finds her days fruitfully occupied by an unusual new hobby and even an awkward romantic prospect – both of which spawn much hilarity. As it turns out, new-found independence is a blessing more for the mother than the daughter in this beautiful, touching film.

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Journey to a Mother's Room is a refreshing take on autonomy, age and identity

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