The LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club

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The LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club

A free social event to celebrate the whole rainbow community - come one come all!

The LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club is a welcoming space for the whole rainbow community to come together to share stories and meet new people.

The events were started in Melbourne, Australia as a way to celebrate a generation discriminated against for years and who, according to recent findings, fear having to ‘return to the closet’ as they get older.

Now in their first year in Scotland, the Social Dance Clubs provide an opportunity to get to know other members of the LGBTI+ community, join the dancing, or just enjoy the music and conversation. Catering is provided.

The Social Dance Clubs will culminate in The Coming Back Out Ball, a spectacular social event happening in Spring 2020.
Social Dance Clubs are free and run monthly on a Sunday in Glasgow and Inverness from May 2019.

Advance booking is not required, you can just turn up at the session if you prefer.

If you would like more information, please contact Amy Watt on [email protected] or call 01463 732 695.

This is a FREE event, please don't be put off by the 'Buy Now' button it's a technical glitch with our system.

A National Theatre of Scotland and All The Queens Men co-production, in partnership with Eden Court and Luminate, and in association with Glasgow City Council.

The LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club is part of The Coming Back Out Ball.

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