Little Elves Festive Fun

  • Engagement

Get your little ones in the festive spirit with this jam-packed hour of interactive, creative play.

Robin the Elf, is in a bit of bother, and not everything is going to plan in Lapland. Now Robin and the other Elves need some help to save Christmas!

Our Festive Fun parties are for Little Elves sitting - 5yrs who must be accompanied by a Big Elf. Everyone attending requires a ticket.

Little Elves and Bigger Elves are encouraged to dress up in their favourite festive outfits to get ready to party!

Relaxed Performances - Friday 08 December 10.30am & 1.30pm

At these Relaxed Performances we will make adjustments to the lighting and sound levels throughout, and these sessions will run at a calm and gentle pace. The doors will remain open and audience members can come and go as they please. The adjustments mean that this performance is suitable to children who would benefit from a more relaxed environment including learning disabled children and children with autism.

Dates + Times

Relaxed - We make the following changes to the space to hopefully make more customers feel comfortable attending: house lights on, volume lower, freedom to move around, electronic devices permitted, visual story where possible.