Lizabett Russo & Baobab (Japan)

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Baobab are a Japanese folk brother and sister duo from the Kyushu island in Japan. Using instruments from Medieval to modern, in styles from traditional to pop, the music of Baobab embodies the air and seasons of everyday life of the countryside from which it evolves. Baobab’s independently produced albums have been long sellers on the Indie music scene in Japan.

Scotland-based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo merges her native traditions with elements of contemporary jazz, avant garde folk and world music, a range of influence effortlessly spanned by her powerfully versatile voice. The BBC have championed her work - featuring on both BBC Radio 3 and Radio 6 as well as the BBC stage at Latitude Festival. She has also toured extensively around Europe and Asia. Lizabett will be accompanied by the award-winning jazz guitarist Graeme Stephen. Today he leads and contributes to a multitude of musical projects in Scotland and overseas, playing a wide array of styles from free improvised jazz to Scottish folk.

This is simply world-class work, by any standard


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