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each person houses parts of others

each person houses parts of others is a selection of films intended to provide empowering historical and international contexts for the civically-minded local groups in the North of Scotland, especially as they respond to the Highlands’ housing crisis. The selected artists sensitively and experimentally document the intimacy of communal living, and legacies of community-led responses to housing crises, as well as contemporary grassroots groups.

In Rosalind Nashashibi’s Hreash House, a warm and candid record is made of “one family as an entire community” in a concrete block shared by an extended Palestinian family. Also taking place in part in a home-setting, Winnie Herbstein’s Minutes combines footage of an independent feminist welder’s collective, who are also the actors in some improvised reconstructions of Take Root meetings, a 90s self-organised womens’ housing provider. Similarly, Ed Webb-Ingall’s Community, Land, Trust parallels contemporary and historical efforts by local groups in Milton Keynes to create not-for-profit, affordable homes. His film closely follows the methodologies of community video production, modelled on Channel 40 – a 70s local television network designed to enhance civic engagement. Sharing a commitment to thorough research and observation, the films each provide different forms of insight into the radical and far-reaching potential of locally-based political action.

each person houses parts of others is curated by artist, writer and educator, Adam Benmakhlouf.

Rosalind Nashishibi, Hreash House, 2004. SD Video, 20 min
Winnie Herbstein, Minutes, 2019. HD Video, 12 min 30 sec
Ed Webb-Ingall, Community, Land, Trust. 2019. HD Video, 36 min 39 sec

Programme duration: 79 min + introduction by Adam Benmakhlouf.

Adam Benmakhlouf is an artist, writer and educator based between the Highlands and Glasgow. Working across a variety of roles and media, Benmakhlouf’s paintings, prints, sound and video work are borne out of an engagement with informal community groups, grassroots organisations and forms of alternative education. The works he produces reveal hints of autobiography, friendship and intimacy, which can be tender, honest and candid.

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