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Valtos are an ‘Electronic-Traditional’ duo comprised of Isle of Skye based Martyn MacDonald and Daniel Docherty. With their early remixes of the Peatbog Faeries, Niteworks, Lapywng, and Project Smok showcasing both the adaptability and variety in their sound, Valtos are seeking to create something both new and vibrant. Finding inspiration in both the traditional music and breath-taking beauty of their home, the debut Valtos album will release in Spring 2022. 

They incorporate an array of exciting features on tracks that sound like nothing you have heard before

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Marit & Rona

Award-winning performers and composers Rona Wilkie (Fiddle/Gaelic song) and Marit Fält (Nordic Mandola), have performed and recorded extensively in Scotland and across Europe in the past decade. Their music is playful, borderless, and thrilling; it glides from evocative near-classical movements to buoyant reels, brought to life by Rona's multi-personality fiddle skill and Marit's breath-taking mastery of the versatile Nordic Mandola.


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