Niqabi Ninja

by Sara Shaarawi
  • Talks / Special Events
  • Drama

Niqabi Ninja by Sara Shaarawi is a graphic-novel style revenge story about one woman’s transformation into a Cairene vigilante, as she attempts to right the wrongs of the male violence she sees all around her.

Combining street artwork, audio-story performance and a walk through your city, you are invited to immerse yourselves in Hana’s world. Searing with dark comedy this is a fearless reflection on the lengths women are willing to go to keep themselves and others safe.

Intimate, visceral and pulsating with a soundtrack to inspire your own resistance against gendered and state violence, this will be an intimate performance to be experienced in pairs or small groups.

Originally written in reaction to the 2012-2014 mob sexual assaults in Tahrir Square, this is a universal story: a universal story about rape culture, and the male violence that operates across the world.


The starting point for each performance will be the venue you have booked your tickets from. The show will be experienced through headphones and will involve following a designated walking route. The piece will last around 1 hour.

Audiences will be offered a series of staggered start-times across the run in each venue.

With each timeslot, there will be space for group bookings or paired bookings. We have not made solo bookings available as we feel this is a piece to experience with someone you know and trust, who you can reflect with afterwards.

Ahead of the performance, ticket holders will be sent more detailed information about how they will experience the show.

• A route map will be available to all audience members (online and hard copy) outlining the route, sensory and practical information (toilets, busy roads, noisy areas) as well as links to support for survivors and potential activists.
• There will be a wheelchair accessible route.
• Audio based descriptions of the site-based illustrations are built into the audio experience.
• A BSL version will be available*.
• A short access film of the route will be available 48 hours in advance.
• A quiet space will be available in the venue post performance.
• We offer free tickets to carers and personal assistants.
*For BSL users a filmed interpretation of the audio is available to be watched on a tablet that the company will supply. We expect the BSL version will take up to 1hr 45 minutes and is available on request. Please contact with your preferred performance date and time.

If you have any questions about access, please contact the company on

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