Oor Wullie

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Jings, Crivvens, Help Ma Boab! Scotland’s cheekiest spiky-haired scamp is back! Join the Sunday Post gang in a brand new musical adventure celebrating over 80 years as Scotland’s most beloved comic strip.

A superb cast will bring the story to life, with Martin Quinn as ‘Oor Wullie’, Ann Louise Ross as ‘PC Murdoch’, Dan Buckley and Grant McIntyre as ‘Fat Boab’ and ‘Wee Eck’, Leanne Traynor as town bully ‘Basher Mackenzie’, Irene Macdougall, Bailey Newsome, Leah Byrne, George Drennan, and Eklovey Kashyap complete this fantastic ensemble.

Help ma boab, it’s a braw musical!

4 Stars

The Guardian

Heartfelt and hilarious. A new Scottish musical that will surely warm the hearts of thousands this Christmas.

4 Stars

The Scotsman

As good a festive message as any in a show that brings depth to a classic cartoon hero.

4 Stars

The Herald

Catchy and contemporary songs.

4 Stars

The Stage

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