Rock Pool

  • Family

A 6-part audio drama for 4-8 years olds.

A big storm leaves two very different creatures stranded together in a lonely, little rock pool. Prawn and Crab must learn to get on swimmingly if they're to survive hunger, boredom, deadly seagull attacks, and each other. All this whilst unexpectedly forming the world's most banging underwater rock band!

Dealing with themes of isolation, boredom, upheaval and the climate crisis, Rock Pool resonates with some of the experiences of young children in these strange times.

A sort of crustacean Waiting for Godot, for kids. Rock Pool is a funny and touching audio drama (with songs) for 4-8 year olds and their families/carers.

Created by Inspector Sands in association with Trigger. Based on the original show by Inspector Sands.

Rock Pool will be available online from 23 October 2020 - 03 January 2021.

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