Spatz & Co: One Night in Las Vegas

  • Music

Spatz & Co invite you to an evening of Las Vegas music and song. Music from the stage shows of Caesars Palace, The Sands, The Flamingo, Casino Royale, MGM Grande and more.

Classic hits from the Big Band era to the present day – Big Bands of Duke Ellington, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman and the songs of Sinatra, Elvis, Barry Manilow, Burt Bacharach, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and more!

Spatz & Co, a unique band comprising nine individual band leaders, all multi instrumentalists, all accomplished soloists, who come together only for stage and theatre performances. They are now in their fourth year of sell out shows, full of high quality arrangements of the most iconic music, good fun and tasteful humour, selling out all over Scotland.

An uplifting musical experience!

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