The Enormous Christmas Turnip

Eden Court + Scottish Theatre Producers
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Help two playful bunnies get ready, set, and grow grow grow - but what happens when one vegetable grows a little too big..?

Rabbits get a bad rap. Everyone thinks they steal your carrots and poo everywhere. Well, these rabbits are growing their own delicious vegetables for a great big festive feast and there'll be plenty for everyone!

That'll be a turn-ip for the books!

Join us for a magical, musical rollercoaster of a Christmas dinner party like no other!

Created and performed by Ivor MacAskill and Rosana Cade

Designer - Ailie Cohen

Lighting Designer - Andy Gannon

Sound Designer - Yas Clarke

Dramaturgy and direction - Fiona Manson

Production Manager - Fi Fraser

Stage Manager - Emma Reid

Produced by Scottish Theatre Producers

The Enormous Christmas Turnip is a co-production between Eden Court and Scottish Theatre Producers, co-commissioned by Eden Court, Aberdeen Performing Arts + Capital Theatres.

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