Yorkston Thorne Khan

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Yorkston Thorne Khan are: James Yorkston one of the most "influential singer/songwriters on the Scottish folk scene” on guitar, nyckelharpa and voice, Jon Thorne, best known as jazz double bass player with electro outfit Lamb, and Suhail Yusuf Khan, multi award winning, seventh-generation sarangi player and classical / sufi singer from New Delhi.

As a trio, Yorkston Thorne Khan bring their own individual influences to the fore and playfully react to one another’s music. It is the sound of three friends having fun, improvisations housed in considered compositions, traditional songs and ragas from the UK, Ireland and India.

A game-changing masterpiece

5 Stars

Rolling Stone

Brimming with confidence, ideas and musicianship, these Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars are a band of brothers at the top of their collective game

5 Stars


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