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Cashback Highlands is progression and outcome focused creative arts project for young people aged 12 - 24 in the Highlands. We work with a network of project partners who support young people and families. The three year program is designed to empower young people to feel more confident, to learn new skills and to aspire to look positively at their futures.

CashBack Highlands is part of Cashback for Communities; a unique Scottish Government programme which takes money seized from criminals under the proceeds of crime legislation and invests them in our future – our young people. CashBack for Communities aims to:

  • Support people, families and communities most affected by crime
  • Support those most at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour, offending or reoffending into positive destinations
  • Support young people most at risk of entering the justice system
  • Additionally, to provide activities, which are not limited by age, which meet the above and;
  • Provides intergenerational support for parents, families and children impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Our projects include 'Open Studio' working with referrals on 1:1 or small group creative projects as part of alternative curriculums as well as our 'Next Steps' projects that run out-with term time. We also offer referral blocks that are designed directly with our project and referral partners. To find out more about the project contact Cashback Highlands program lead Graeme Roger 

Children's rights + wellbeing impact assessment

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