Across four gallery spaces, we present a varied programme of exhibitions throughout the year. All exhibitions have FREE ENTRY.


Cosmic Minimalism: A Journey Through Universal Symbols - Gael Hillyard (Stalls Gallery)

A mixed-media exhibition presenting the universe's vastness and intricacy through a collection of minimalist artworks, using symbols to express the profound and enigmatic connection between the cosmos and human understanding.


Resonating - Terry Williams and Peter Johnston (Stalls Gallery)

Over two years, Terry and Peter have worked side by side in the Inverness Darkroom making traditional photographic prints of the natural world and the built environment.

This exhibition showcases their contrasting approaches to both the subject matter and to print making. Using hand-made prints and hybrid negative/digital photographs, Resonating explores the connections and differences in their work.


The Smile Project - Inverness Darkroom Photographers (Stalls Gallery)

A collaboration between Inverness Darkroom-based photographers on the relationship of people to the smile. The analogue images included in this exhibition were chosen by sponsor Hillyard MacDonald from work submitted by members of the Inverness Darkroom.


Full Circle - Rosemary Reid (First Circle Gallery)

Rosie’s work is an expressive take on the Scottish landscape which explores emotions connected to place, colour, mark-making and surface, allowing the viewer to connect and bring their own experience to the work.

This exhibition runs from Sat 22 Jun - Sat 27 Jul.


Light and Space - Meg Milne (Stalls Gallery)

Works in oil and inks capturing the moments of light and dark where our landscape changes in an instant.


An Exhibition of Stitch Textiles: A series of landscapes and still lives created using thread, wool and fabric - Sheena Neil (First Circle Gallery)

This exhibition is being supported by Highland Hospice and curated by Jimmy Neil


KFOR and Kosovo +25 - A Photo-documentary exhibition to mark the 25th Anniversaryof KFOR in Kosovo – Nick Sidle (Stalls Gallery)

A follow up on the original photo-story produced in 2000 telling the human story of daily life in a region rebuilding after a period of extreme interethnic conflict and hostility leading to the involvement of nine countries, including the UK, as a peacekeeping force.


SSE Power from the Glens artwork (First Circle Gallery)

An exhibition showcasing original drawings and designs from SSE’s earliest hydro schemes in the north of Scotland.


Fo Bhlàth/Under Blossom - Liondsaidh Chaimbeul (Chapel Gallery)

Wood-carving, Stone-carving, Drawings and Photographs, by Liondsaidh Mairi Chaimbeul

Call to Artists

We invite artists in all visual media to submit artwork to be considered for our gallery spaces. This open call is designed to give an opportunity to Scottish artists and those based in Scotland to exhibit their work. 

Email and include artist bio plus three or more images of current work (all new work must have been completed within the last two years).

Header image: detail from Amorphous-ism by Jane Nestor