Love The Sinner

Presented by Imogen Stirling + Vanishing Point and co-produced by Beacon Arts + Shetland Arts
  • Music
  • Drama

The seven deadly sins are alive and kicking in contemporary Scotland.

Love The Sinner is a beautifully produced fusion of performance poetry, visual theatre and live electronic music, that reflects on the meaning of being human today.

In Love The Sinner, we meet seven extraordinary characters as they struggle to comprehend their place in a world bladed with criticism and obsessed with self-betterment. They seek solace, or something else, in a pulsing, brimming Scottish city, as the water rises and the banks of the river threaten to burst.

Written and performed by performance poet Imogen Stirling, with live music from electronic artist Sonia Killmann, this collaboration with Vanishing Point was a huge hit with audiences and critics in 2023.

A 70-minute ecstasy of words, sounds, light and brilliant design

5 Stars

The Scotsman

An epic contemporary reimagining of biblical mythology... a full blown theatrical assault

5 Stars

The Herald

Written and Performed by Imogen Stirling
Directed by Matthew Lenton

Original Score by Sarah Carton 

Additional Music & Live Performance by Sonia Killmann

Set & Costume Design by Alisa Kalyanova

Lighting Design by Simon Wilkinson

Video & Projection Design by Ellie Thompson

Sound Design and Additional music by Mark Melville

Produced by Vanishing Point

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