Support us

You probably know that Eden Court is the only major arts centre in the Highlands, but you might not realise we are also a registered charity. We can't do it without you

We need your support so we can keep on inspiring, entertaining and involving people all over the Highlands in the arts. As a registered charity we receive a public subsidy which covers less than a fifth of our costs. And on average we keep a little less than 20% of what you pay for a ticket to a show (most of it pays the performers or producer). 

This means that even if we sold every ticket to every show we still need to find a way of covering a gap in our funding.

That is why we have to ask for your help. We want to keep offering a wide choice of world-class events for everyone to enjoy. We want to make sure our young people continue to have opportunities to experience the arts. 

We need to take care of our amazing building and facilities. We can only do this with your support.