Moving Pictures - Rush Tribute

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Returning to the OneTouch Theatre after a packed show and glorious reception last year!

Power trio MOVING PICTURES are a Rush tribute at the top of their game, playing over 50 gigs in 2023 including Lakeside Park in Canada for Neil Peart's family. Favourites of Planet Rock's Darren Redick - who has been known to join them on stage - they have recordings on all 4 Songs for Neil tribute albums, including performances with Terry Brown and Hugh Syme. 2024 now takes them on 2 European tours and headlining RUSHfest Brazil.

This time, their 3-hour show will include the full PERMANENT WAVES album and the inimitable Jamie Dunleavey on drums.


These limited tickets will allow early access to hang with the band during set-up and soundcheck, hear a song during soundcheck that won't be played that night (time permitting) and give you 20% off all merchandise. These VIP experiences are OPEN TO ALL AGES and DO NOT INCLUDE A TICKET FOR THE SHOW.

VIP tickets - £30 adult, FREE for under 18s - must be accompanied by an adult and will only be allowed into the evening show if they are 14+.

Email to book your VIP Early Access tickets, stating the date and venue.

When I close my eyes I hear my brother playing.

Judy Peart (Neil Peart's sister) on hearing Moving Pictures play at RUSHFest Scotland 2023

They had only been on stage for mere minutes and already my face was aching from the sustained grin. These strangers who weren't actually Rush made me feel as though I was finally attending a legitimate Rush concert. The accuracy with which they all play while still maintaining a lighthearted approach to their performance is, well, it's exactly as you'd expect from Rush themselves.

Mark Reid (Rockfiend)

Very moving and beautifully done. Heartfelt thanks to the band for their kind tribute.

Alex Lifeson

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