My Muses Take Care of Me

  • Dance

MY MUSES TAKE CARE OF ME is a conversation between the body and sculpture, between nature and cultivation.

This live odyssey into presence carries the audience on a journey through life, death, love and regeneration. Drawing on solidarity between all living beings, the music and original dance create an organic shield against our turbulent contemporary world, centering moving bodies as a riposte to the repression of feminine power.

An invitation for audiences to befriend the wild.

Performed with an exceptional score including captivating live music by Claire Rose Barbier and danced by esteemed collaborators Amy Hollinshead, Valerie Ebuwa and Melissa Kieffer.

Suitable for all ages and thrives with an intergenerational audience.

Featuring live music by Purcell, Arvo Park and Hildegard of Bingen.

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