Zhou Yu's Train

  • Film
  • Drama
  • Foreign Language
A passionate tale of one woman's search for perfect love, ZHOU YU'S TRAIN is a sensual evocation of distance and time, reality and imagination, where the only thing that's truly real is what's in one's heart.

Twice a week, Zhou Yu (Gong Li, Farewell My Concubine), a beautiful artisan, takes the train to faraway Chongyang, where she indulges in a torrid affair with Chen Ching (Tony Leung Ka-Fai, The Lover), her poet-lover. United by their passion, he finds in Zhou the ultimate muse, while she believes Chen to be her ideal soul mate. But accompanying Zhou on her long, lonely train rides are two individuals who threaten to derail her romantic idyll: Zhang Qiang (Sun Honglei, The Road Home), a young doctor hopelessly obsessed with her, and Ziu (Li, in a dual role), a mysterious young woman who bares a striking resemblance to Zhou and seems to be following her every move.

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