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Eden Court has partnered with Glasgow Film Theatre to deliver FREE cinema screenings, in-person filmmaker workshops and online masterclasses for people aged 15 - 26.

If you would like to come along to any or all of these screenings or events, please email Drew Tremlett:

In association with BFI Film Academy.


Krzysztof Kieslowski | 1991 | 98 mins

WED 24 APR, 6.30PM

Sometime in the 60s two girls are born at the same moment, countries apart. One grows up in a small town in Poland, the other in a provincial city in France. They are identical, sharing mannerisms, predilections and musical talent. They nurture ambition, hopes and loves and share the same rare heart disease. Life will depart from one but continue in the other, as if transmitting to another person, another body, through an unconscious unity of soul.

A film about the ineffable that makes no reference to religious dogma or explication. Through luminous photography and haunting score Kieslowski intimates mysterious essence informing the texture of the visible world.

Youth Cinema

We have a limited number of FREE tickets to select screenings of specially chosen foreign language or arthouse titles every week.

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