Our Galleries

Our galleries work with artists to present a varied programme of exhibitions - showcasing the work of both established artists and investing in those of the future.

In Time – Lucy Telford

18 Feb – 30 Mar

In Time is a collection of prints made using the cyanotype process, a method developed by the astronomer and scientist Sir John Herschel in 1842.  The images resulting from this contact printing process are blue, hence the term 'blueprint' but can also be bleached and toned.

In 2018, Lucy Telford was awarded Visual Artist and Craft Maker funding (VACMA) by Creative Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council in order to develop her skills within the practice of alternative processes photography.  Some of the resulting images can be seen in this exhibition and the entire project will be available as a Blurb book, also entitled IN TIME.

Lucy uses historic photographic methods - cyanotype and wet plate collodion as well as camera-less imagery such as photograms and lumen prints.  She lives in Aberdeenshire and has exhibited throughout the UK and also in the USA.

Martin Irish

1 Mar – 30 Apr

Martin Irish is an abstract painter living in the Highlands of Scotland. His work is vivid, bold and full of expression, while at other times he shows a more subtle approach with softer muted tones to his paintings.

He paints organically in a non-linear fashion. “My work flows and evolves, taking it’s own direction. There is spontaneity to my working method but also a sense of knowing when to stop. I have to trust my judgement and use restraint to know when a piece of work is complete”.

Heather Potter

1 – 31 Mar

I have lived in for 33 years in Strathspey working as a Primary School Teacher, but only recently found time to indulge my creativity, initially through photography. However after a short time my desire to translate the image from lens to canvas developed. Interpreting scenes in oil and watercolour, exploring a variety of styles and techniques has been a wonderful journey so far and I look forward with anticipation to my forthcoming exhibition in the Blink Gallery.

OneTouch Gallery

A creative space where exciting new Highland artists, young and old, can exhibit their work. We want to give opportunities to artists finding their voice and a place where audiences can discover new local talent.

Stalls Foyer & Second Floor Gallery

Spaces where established artists can exhibit and sell their work.

Blink Gallery

Our gallery space dedicated to the local community and the creative work that they produce.

Call to Artists

We invite artists in all visual media mediums to submit artwork to be considered for our gallery spaces. This open call is designed to give an opportunity to Scottish artists and those based in Scotland to exhibit their work. 

Email [email protected] and include artist bio plus three or more images of current work (All new work must have been completed within the last two years).